Preparing for Our Meeting

Before we meet, it would be helpful for us if you provided us with some basic information to help kick start the planning process.  Here is a list of some common statements (although not exhaustive) you might have.  If you are not able to locate everything or if you don’t have some of what is below, no problem!  We can work with what you have.


Qualified Retirement Accounts:

  • Pension statement(s)

  • 401(k) statement(s)

  • 403(b) statement(s)

  • IRA statement(s)

Non-qualified Accounts:

  • Brokerage account statement(s)

  • CD or other savings vehicle statement(s)

  • Roth IRA statement(s)

  • Mutual Fund statement(s)

  • Life Insurance statement(s)

  • Disability Income Insurance statement(s)

  • Long-term Care Insurance statement(s)

  • Employee Benefit Booklet

  • Social Security statement