Financial Consulting Service

Your business. Our experience. 


Why the Financial Consulting Services Program?  Because engaging a financial professional should be simple and on your terms.  We understand that your time is valuable and should focus on core business activities. We'll help you find solutions to protect your business interests and help identify opportunities to offer your employees benefits that meet their needs. 

Wish you had a dedicated financial professional? 
With the Financial Consulting Services Program, we can help provide the support you need at a frequency and fee structure that work for your unique business. 

Through this program you'll work with a dedicated professional who's committed to understanding your business and can help you:


With Financial Consulting Services,
you can select the service model that works best for you:


Subscription Service 

Ongoing access to financial consulting services                      for a defined time period and an agreed upon fee. 

Point-InTime Service 

As-needed access to financial consulting services,                  billed hourly or as a flat fee at an agreed upon rate.